CAIR on Nebraska TV

Islamic civil rights group calls local “Muslim Threat” events islamaphobic

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Unusually balanced coverage of CAIR in the news. The reporter lets the CAIR spox defend herself from John Guandolo, who she accuses of –
Grasping at straws”?

Isn’t that what CAIR is doing? They have no defense.

They’re spreading hatred, they are planting a seed that is going to grow into a huge tree.
Again, isn’t this what they are doing? CAIR’s hate report is spreading hatred. Their report blames Trump for everything. Muslims are at risk from violent attack, and it’s getting worse. They are sounding the alarm because the percentages have spiked, etc, etc. And, they have been doing this for years. Every time they are contacted by the media they are always saying the same thing; things are bad, getting worse, and we need a hate crime probe. Their opinion is sought out at the beginning of every hate crime hoax, and they always say the same thing, that hate is rising.
They are trying to get people to be afraid. Instead, of helping to heal this nation they are further dividing us. And, they are doing it with lies.
No, they are doing this with their hate report. CAIR is sounding the alarm because their data says a 587% increase in anti-Muslim “incidents” occurred in 2016. But, they include incidents that don’t involv
e Muslims, at all, as well as, “hate crimes” which are not considered to be hate crimes by the people involved . It’s just anything goes with them. Again, no one died in CAIR’s report. Meanwhile, in Dar al Harb, dozens of people were killed by a Muslim.
Maybe, we should prepare ourselves for a CAIR 2.0, a reorg under a different name, because their act is getting really old.
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