CAIR on KENS5 in San Antonio

CAIR on KENS5 in San AntonioPlease call the KENS5 newsroom and complain:
(210) 366-2002…/activist-shed-light-on-bru…/478382493
CAIR is in the midst of a publicity campaign designed to bring support to the Rohingya Muslims. But, neither CAIR, nor the Rohingya deserve your sympathy.

The Rohingya have been attacking, that is waging jihad, against the Burmese since 1942, killing tens of thousands in the process. This is the same thing Muslims are doing in India, in China, in the Philippines, in Africa, and in Palestine. Everywhere they are, they are fighting with their neighbors

There is an entire Wikipedia article entitled “Rohingya insurgency in Western Myanmar”…/Rohingya_insurgency_in_Western_M…

Not all Muslims are in on this, of course. Some are innocent people caught in the crossfire, but there absolutely are bad Muslims in the world. CAIR are bad Muslims. Here is a very dramatic example of this. KENS5 put CAIR honcho Sarwat Husain on their newscast.

Listen to what Sarwat Husain says here about the media being very gullible, and that Muslims should take advantage of that.

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