CAIR in Violation of US Constitution in Philadelphia, and San Diego

cair wants access to your children (2)CAIR wants access to your children. They want to be the arbiter of what your kids are taught. They want to provide sensitivity training for teachers. This also happens to be the very thing they discussed at the 1993 Philadelphia Meeting.


Here is CAIR getting sued by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund in San Diego.

They are trying to do this in Philadelphia as well. Please keep in mind, this is the same group that is constantly lecturing us about the Constitution.

Philadelphia’s public school system allowed the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to conduct sensitivity training for its teachers last year, CAIR press releases and school district documents obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism show.

CAIR attorneys conducted a presentation for educators on Election Day, focusing on Islamophobia and the civil rights of Muslim students, a November press release said. The seminar was described as the first in a series of planned workshops on those issues.

Video on the 1993 Philadelphia Meeting

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