Executive Director of CAIR National, to be Awarded by Harvard


I am calling to complain about Phillips Brooks House Association awarding Nihad Awad without advising the audience of Mr Awad’s true background. Although the Phillips Brooks House Association heaps praise on Nihad Awad, they fail to share the most important of Nihad Awad’s accomplishments, namely that he is among the inner circle of Hamas leadership in this country.


The Council on American Islamic Relations is the lobby for Hamas in this country. Jorge Solis, the presiding judge in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, wrote that the Government had provided ample evidence of a connection between CAIR, and Hamas. Part of this evidence includes the current executive director of CAIR National, Nihad Awad being at a summit meeting of senior Hamas leaders in 1993. At this meeting, which was secretly recorded by the FBI, Nihad Awad said that one of the goals of the group should be to give legitimacy to Hamas.

At the time he made this statement, Nihad Awad was working for the Islamic Association for Palestine. When a jury found the IAP liable in the Hamas assassination of David Boim, they closed down rather than pay the 156 million dollars awarded to the Boim family. The IAP has since opened up under a new name, the American Muslims for Palestine. The Boims are now suing the AMP.

CAIR works with the AMP, which is part of the Muslim Brotherhood political party, the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations.

Anwar Omeish, the Programming chair for Phillips Brooks House Association, may have invited Nihad Awad.

Anwar Omeish is the daughter of another advocate for Palestinian violence, former Muslim American-Society President Esam Omeish.

Omeish was forced to resign from a Virginia state immigration panel in 2007 after a video showed him praising Palestinians for choosing the “jihad way … to liberate your land.”

There are many good Muslims in the world, but Nihad Awad and his group CAIR are fronting for the terrorist organization Hamas.

CAIR is not a member in good standing of American society. Instead, they publish reports telling their audience that American Muslims are in danger from their follow citizens. But, the latest CAIR report includes in their statistics:

  • Things that are not considered hate crimes by the police.
  • Things that are not considered hate crimes by the people involved.
  • Incidents that do not involve Muslims, at all.
  • And, incidents that have no witnesses, videos, or any supporting evidence.
Of course, Phillips Brooks House Association is free to invite whoever they choose, but to claim that Nihad Awad is worthy of praise is risible, and the whole world is watching, and taking notice.
Multi-media presentation on what is wrong with CAIR.

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