Is CAIR Bribing the Media?

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A close monitoring of recent appearances of the Council on American Islamic Relations on local news broadcasts leads one to suspect CAIR is paying, or in some other way, encouraging the local station to put them on air.

There are several examples of this, such as:

Muslim woman says manager pulled off hijab, files EEOC complaint. 

This is a story about a Muslim woman filing an EEOC complaint after her supervisor allegedly pulled off her hijab. No one should have their clothing pulled off, especially at work, but we have laws covering this. In fact, the EEOC handles thousands, and thousands, and thousands of complaints each year. What makes this cafeteria worker’s case news worthy? CAIR is representing her. Did CAIR contact the station, and ask if they would like to cover this story?

KPBS and Hanif Mohebi 

Here KPBS interviews CAIR’s San Diego executive director, Hanif Mohebi about CAIR’s 2017 “civil rights” report. There is almost no discussion of what is actually in CAIR’s report aside from one question. “What kinds of incidents have been reported to CAIR?”  To this Mohebi responds, “We’re talking about people being essentially, pushed into oncoming traffic.” He gives no further details on this incident which does not occur in CAIR’s 2017 report “Empowerment of Hate”. Mohebi gives no names, no dates, no places, nothing. The reporter does not press him on this, nor for any other details in the report.

News13 “InDepth” 

This example comes from  a segment of Florida News13’s in “InDepth”.  This looks very much like a pay for play arrangement. The reporter interviews CAIR’s Rasha Mubarak about CAIR’s “Empowerment of Hate”.  Mubarak never talks in any detail about what is in CAIR’s report. There is no discussion of CAIR wanting to influence public school curriculum, or that they be allowed to conduct sensitivity training for educators.  The assumption is that CAIR’s report is true, and a public service. The host of “InDepth” finishes by leaning into Resha Mubarak’s face and saying “And, let there be peace” before leaning back, and grinning into the camera.

CBS Sacramento promoting CAIR’s hate report

This is CBS13 in Sacramento putting CAIR capo Basim Elkara on twice in one week. This time it is to promote CAIR’s report. However, the report is never talked about in any substantive way. That is too bad, because people should know what CAIR is saying about them. In several cases, neither the police, nor the people involved in CAIR’s hate crime statistics consider those incidents to be hate crimes. CBS13 never discusses this. CAIR’s analysis includes incidents that have no evidence’ as well as things that don’t involve Muslims, at all. There is no discussion that CAIR defines rude internet posts as hate crimes. There is never any discussion of any this. Instead, only smiling Muslims enjoying their Eid, while casting aspersions on their fellow Americans.

KENS5 San Antonio Rohingya demonstration

Here is a poignant example of CAIR manipulating local news casts, this time from KENS5 in San Antonio. It appears that CAIR asked KENS5 to cover CAIR’s demonstration supporting the Rohingya in Burma.  This story is easy to report; CAIR is fighting against injustice. However, there is the inconvenient fact that the Rohingya are the aggressors in this latest round of violence that has been going on for decades. Even without that context, it is hard to overlook the thuggish Muslims standing beside CAIR executive director, Sarwat Husain. Ms Husain has said the American media is very gullible, and urges Muslims to take advantage of this. That is exactly what she tried to do right here.

CAIR gets on the news the same way Starbucks, and Pringles do, they purchase their time, or manipulate people into paying attention to them.



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