Invasion of the Muslim Comedians

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A recent meeting of Eric Trump, and Muslim comedian Mo Amer was described by the Huffington Post. Despite this encounter calling out for some comic relief, no humor was reported, and the topper actually went to Robert Spencer, who wasn’t even there.

HuffPo reports:

“Then, in the politest way he could, Amer let him know something else. ‘I was like, “Yo, and I’m not doing that shit. I’m not going to get an ID, a Muslim ID and all this crap. I’m not doing that. Fuck that,”‘ Amer explained.”


To which Robert Spencer replied:

That was polite?

This observation by Spencer is both humorous and instructive. Humorous, because of the unexpected change of focus to the reportage rather than the subjects of the story. Instructive, because there is, particularly regarding Islam, an awful lot of what the Huffington Post does here: tell us that black is white. Was the Fort Hood shooting really workplace violence? Is ISIS really not Islamic? Does Islam really mean peace? Is there such a thing as a Muslim comedian?

In pre-Islamic period, poet was considered defender of their interests. He used to resist and retaliate to other opponent tribes with his poetry by using satirical style to retaliate to his opponents. Humour was prominent feature of satire in poetry of that time. Poet denied his opponent person or tribe in humorous manners and exploited the demerits and weaknesses found in opponent tribe like cowardice, avarice, cupidity, disloyalty, betrayal and treachery. — HUMOUR AND COMEDY IN ARABIC LITERATURE Dr. Haris Mubeen

So what, exactly, is a Muslim comedian? Would that be a guy who makes jokes about 9/11, and killing people, and who is two-faced, whines about how bad he has it in America, and yells “Allahu akbar” in the airport? Well, in this case, yes. Exactly.

Amer is part of a trio of comedians who give the “outsider act” a Muslim twist in “Allah Made Me Funny.”

allah made me funny

Except they are not funny; they are more political than comical. In fact, one need not even be funny as long as one is a Muslim, and political.

Because Mo, bless his heart, has no improv skills, at all.

Mo’s not funny. He’s an entertainer; he’s political. Americans like their politics served as entertainment, and he knows that.

He also knows what an Arab audience likes. Despite having to wait 20 years for US citizenship, look what Mo Amer says in front of an Arab audience amer and the troopsMuhammad is the most popular name. We’re takin’ over! In yo’ face America!” — Mo Amer

OK, it’s just a joke, and anything for a laugh, except he appears to be, in part, subsidized by Muslim Brotherhood-connected groups such as Islamic Relief, or Islam Expo, which was run by Mohammed Sawalha, a known Hamas operative.

Where else is he going to go? There is always Tunisia, of course, but in America, the infrastructure is all laid out for him.

Amer’s partner in the comedy trio “Allah Made Me Funny” is Ahzar Osman.

Some examples of his humor are:

Yelling Allahu Akbar in the airport

And, don’t forget, Azhar Usman is “terrorist-ish.

ultra american-min

The poster  for Usman’s recent comedy tour, which is entitled “Ultra American,” shows him reading Sayyid Qutb’s “Milestones.” It is anybody’s guess where he is going with that.

Sayyid QutbThe  prudish Qutb hated America.

The dance began after an evening service, and was led by the church’s pastor, who, according to Qutb’s breathless account, lowered the lights and put a recording of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on the turntable in an effort to get the few remaining wallflowers out on the dance floor. “The dance hall convulsed to the tunes on the gramophone and was full of bounding feet and seductive legs,” Qutb later wrote. “Arms circled waists, lips met lips, chests met chests, and the atmosphere was full of passion.”

Azhar calls himself the “Ultra American” because he believes he is speaking a righteous truth, and carrying on in the tradition of Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Einstein, and Lucille Ball, yes, Lucy. Because according to Azhar Usman, Lucy was arrested, and prosecuted during the McCarthy era. Of course, this is not true, and revisionist history is something of a specialty for Usman and his Nawawi Foundation.

The Ultra American is not even a veteran. That’s just sad.

MB connections are also there, of course. CAIR, ADAMS Center, ISNA, ICNA, MSA are all there. Where else is he going to gig — at a U.S. Department of State paid tour of India as a cultural ambassador?

The third member of the group, Preacher Moss, was interviewed by Muslim impresario Wajahat Ali. The interview elicited this response from him.

MOSS: Let me be honest, nobody wants to hear anything from a black man about 9-11. A man could cry about this group of people being killed in an absolute tragedy, but America cried to the point where it almost justified the millions of people they killed in the name of justice and democracy and equality. It’s like you’re trying to run a hustle on me, and that’s what people feel like, “Hey, you’re running a hustle on me.”

That was clearly not his best work, but again, and still, just not funny.

The aforementioned Wajahat Ali has assembled Muslim comedians and other public Muslims to produce a PSA that tries to make Muslims seem more, well . . . human.

Wajahat Ali

Wajahat Ali is a real piece of work. He is a racist, a bigot, a Hamas supporter, a Sharia supporter, a former board member of the Muslim Students Association, and principal author of “Fear, Inc.” He now wants to tell you that he is just like you.

These Muslim comedians tell us what they think of us when they share the weirdest question they have been asked about being a Muslim.

Funny thing is, no one asked about the Brotherhood, Muhammad, CAIR, jihad, or sharia.

There is no denying that Muslims are people, but the implication here seems to be that there is something wrong with you as a non-Muslim.

You are denying them their humanity. They are just like you. In fact, they could replace you, if you really think about it, so you better shut up. burqa
“We’re just like you.”

The cast is asked next to share how they see themselves by answering the question “What is a Muslim?

You will be thoroughly confused as to what a Muslim is after watching this.

At one point, we are even told being a Muslim is one who submits to gravity.

However, things become much clearer if you pay attention to their politics.

Aman Ali

Wajahat Ali

Amani Al Khatahtbeh

Reza Aslan

Negin Farsad

Mona Haydar

Maz Jobrani

Ibtihaj Muhammad

Omar Regan [son of Imam Luqman Abdullah]

Linda Sarsour

Layla Shaikley

Dena Takburi

Iqbal Theba

Asma Uddin

Salam al-Marayati

Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur

Mona Damluji [Muslim Student Union at Stanford]

Al-Husein Madhany
These Muslims think about hijabs, Palestine, racist America, and have connections to the Sunni Mafia in this country, the Brotherhood, the Ikwhan.


This is a national political action front that is advancing in every area of society with the goal of making America more Islamic.

From Militant Muslim Monitor, 10 years ago —

The terrorist attacks on 9/11perversely led not only to an unprecedented upsurge in the number of converts to Islam, but to a proliferation of Muslim stand up comics who use the attacks as a basis for their comedy routines

Muslims in America are exploiting 9/11 and terrorism as a form of toxic ‘outreach’ . The so called ‘Muslim comedians’ who make militant Islamist butchery a subject for jokes are in fact condoning these acts by making them socially acceptable as an entertainment genre.

MIM: Stand up comedy is becoming a popular medium for Muslim comics and being billed as a “bridge to cultural understanding. The fact that ‘comedy’ act “Allah Me Funny” was endorsed by the Council for American Islamic Relations, a Saudi funded front group for Hamas, and the Nation of Islam, proves the veracity of the old adage that “there is some truth to every joke” .

Muslims in America have done nothing to repudiate militant Islamists and terrorism except for issuing ‘boilerplate’ statements claiming they are the ones being victimised, appealing for understanding, and demanding that Americans respect their Islamic ‘religous sensibilities’ .

Muslim ‘comedians’ are adding ‘ insult to injury by turning the attacks into ‘a laughing matter’ in what can aptly be termed “sociopathic humor”.

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