“USA” is not “hate”


CAIR is being a crank here. This is not hate. Hate is someone going crazy about Palestine, and slashing at people with a knife, or shooting them in a night club, or cutting off their head at work, or planning a mass terror attack. That is hate. The fact that CAIR has their leisure time to fret about this is a testament to their pettiness, and lack of integration into American society.

It is so sad that everywhere there are Muslims in the world today they are fighting with their neighbors. Do they ever learn? Are they going to bring that here to the USA?

We have seen now too many examples of Muslims flaring up over the slightest pretext: cartoons, hairs, rumors, the weather, etc. Literally anything, or nothing will set them off killing around 200 people before the violence finally subsides.

This picture is from 2015, not the focus of CAIR’s report which is 2016. In 2015, the Curtis Cullwell Center attack occurred. That was when two Muslims came to shoot people who had spray painted the outside of a mosque . . . oh, I’m sorry. They came to kill people who had drawn a cartoon.

In 2016 the deadliest terror attack since 911 occurred, the Orlando Nightclub Shooting.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Orlando_nightclub_shooting

It doesn’t take much to set them off, and judging from this, CAIR is looking for a fight.